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BlackRock - Investment Commentary

Posted by Gabriel F. Burczyk on 12/1/09 1:49 pm

The decline in unemployment claims and the increasing trend in capital spending are boosting business and consumer confidence. Additionally, improving credit markets, advancing corporate profits, and increases in productivity, are all helping the broader economy recover. Although the equity market is near its highs, BlackRock believes that modest economic growth combined with accommodative monetary policy still presents an attractive long term backdrop for stocks.

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BlackRock – Autumn 2009 Market Update

Posted by Gabriel F. Burczyk on 10/26/09 11:35 am

BlackRock believes that the recession has ended and the global economy has entered a recovery phase. What this recovery will look like, and how fast it will play out, remains to be seen though. The stock market has posted strong gains during the past six months mainly due to the world not entering a depression and equities being undervalued. Sustaining the rally and the gains will require an underpinning of strong fundamentals and earnings. The period going forward should still be equity friendly. Slow growth, low inflation, and a continued stance on easy monetary policy from the Fed should all help.

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BlackRock Investments – Economic Commentary

Posted by Gabriel F. Burczyk on 9/17/09 10:32 am

Money Management Firm BlackRock discusses the recent economic data that has shaped the markets in their latest money manager commentary. The trend continues to be positive. Unemployment claims, manufacturing data, and residential building permits are showing signs of life. Although the economy is still in the middle of a deleveraging phase, the fear of deflation has started to ease. With help from the Fed’s stance on monetary policy and investors moving from cash on the sidelines into more risky assets, the markets may continue to point up.

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BlackRock Investment Commentary

Posted by Gabriel F. Burczyk on 9/3/09 10:49 am

Has the stock market come too far too fast during the past six months? At these current levels and valuations, are equities overbought and expensive? Money management firm BlackRock investigates these issues and also dives into the latest economic news that has helped shape the market over the past few weeks.

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Money Manager BlackRock Provides Investment Outlook

Posted by Gabriel F. Burczyk on 8/24/09 10:28 am

“We continue to believe that the recession is coming to an end and that US gross domestic product (GDP) growth will be positive in the third quarter. Based on historical patterns, a recession of the current magnitude would typically result in GDP growth levels of between 6% and 8% over the next 12 months, but with the economy still facing deleveraging and credit issues, we expect growth to be, at best, half of those levels. In the near-term, economic growth will benefit from an end to inventory liquidation and ongoing fiscal stimulus, but a sustained recovery will be difficult to achieve without jobs creation. By our analysis, the leading economic indicators are suggesting that we may start to see some growth in jobs by the end of this year, which would be good news.”
Source: BlackRock Investments, LLC

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Blackrock Predicts S&P at 1,000 This Year

Posted by Gabriel F. Burczyk on 7/8/09 2:15 pm

Blackrock’s Doll predicts 1,000 this year for S&P 500. BlackRock (BLK) CIO Robert Doll predicts equity markets in the U.S. will host double-digit percentage gains this year. In his midyear outlook report released yesterday, Doll projected that the S&P 500 will hit 1,000 by the end of the year. He warned, however, that markets remain volatile and the S&P could suffer some near-term declines that could take the index to 800 to 850 before it crosses the 1,000 mark. Doll said that energy, health care, and technology sectors will present some of the best opportunities over the second half of 2009 and will outperform utilities, materials, and financial stocks. He said financials have bottomed, but this sector “will likely continue to lag as many financial companies experience balance sheet problems.” Doll stated that the worst of the recession is now “in the rearview mirror.” He also predicted that U.S. markets will perform better than European markets, but emerging markets will likely outperform all developed markets for 2009.

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