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June 2011

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BlackRock's Third Quarter Investment Directions

Posted by Valerie De Vol on 6/30/11 2:36 pm

Money manager BlackRock is out with their third quarter investment directions and asset allocation overview. Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist for Fundamental Equities, and Peter Fisher, Global Head of Fixed Income urge continued caution at present as the markets are demonstrating uncertainty and risk-adverse sentiment. As the third quarter progresses, they believe buying opportunities should accelerate as market risks recede.

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Will Japan's Crisis Force Long-Term Reform? - Lord Abbett

Posted by Gabriel F. Burczyk on 6/30/11 2:31 pm

Lord Abbett's Senior Economist Milton Ezrati writes an excellent and in depth piece focusing on Japan, its current situation and prospects for the future. "Japan still plays a critical role in the global supply chain and the global economy generally. Still, it cannot generate electricity or staff factories. And Japan now needs to do both. The questions, then, to consider are: 'How soon, if ever, will Japan recover its former productive role? And how will the shock of the recent disaster change the Japanese economy's long-term direction?'"

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Don't Let Political Sideshows Drown Out Business Fundamentals - Navellier

Posted by Michael O'Connor on 6/30/11 2:22 pm

Money manager Louis Navellier latest commentary focuses on the Greek situation, the end of QE2 and the deficit. "Since the Greek crisis has been "solved" for now, I expect TV producers will turn their attention to the U.S., where we may see protests against cuts in various state and federal programs, made necessary by the fast-approaching deficit ceiling. Amid all this drama, it is important to remember that stocks will be more influenced by upcoming quarterly earnings reports than by placard-carrying protestors."

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Finding Balance In Today's Economy - Wells Fargo's Midyear Outlook

Posted by Seton McAndrews on 6/29/11 9:25 am

Wells Fargo is out with their 2011 Midyear Economic and Market Outlook, discussing what's changed and developed in the economy and markets in the first half of 2011, and what investors should expect during the second half of the year. The report addresses topics such as the economy, inflation, interest rates, currencies, commodities and more. A brief executive summary is included for those who prefer not to read the entire report.

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Churchill Management Group - This Is a Very Normal Correction

Posted by Gabriel F. Burczyk on 6/22/11 8:25 am

Money manager Churchill Management Group reviews the current market correction and their top-down indicators, which remain mostly bullish. The history of the unwinding of a secular bear market is also explored, comparing economic similarities between the 1930s and today. "If history repeats itself as we expect, it should come with the "buying opportunity of a lifetime" that we have referred to in the past."

Download the Full Churchill Commentary Here

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Wells Fargo Asks, What About Bonds?

Posted by Michael O'Connor on 6/16/11 7:06 am

Wells Fargo's The Week highlights the recent rally in the bond market as the stock market has weakened. "Earlier this spring, many investors worried that bond prices could drop sharply when the Fed ended its quantitative easing program this month. However, bonds have rallied instead. That's because the economy is cooling off and commodity prices have decreased slightly. On a short-term basis, the bond market could rally further, especially if commodity prices continue to decline."

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Uncertainty Leads to Conservative Tilt - Roosevelt Investments

Posted by Seton McAndrews on 6/16/11 7:01 am

Roosevelt Investments reviews the recent economic data and macro events across the globe including the end of quantitative easing and Mideast instability. "Heightened levels of uncertainty on the macro front combined with the imminent conclusion of QE2 have led us to believe that a conservative tilt to the portfolio, with an elevated level of risk tools, is an appropriate stance."

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Market Correction Presents Potential Buying Opportunity - BlackRock

Posted by Gabriel F. Burczyk on 6/16/11 6:55 am

Money manager BlackRock suggests the current market could present buying opportunities, but cautions that volatility levels will likely remain elevated. "The combination of still-strong corporate earnings and a downturn in equity prices has made stocks more attractive from a valuation perspective. To us, this scenario represents a potential buying opportunity, particularly for those who share our view that the economy should see a reacceleration in the months ahead."

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Will Economic Weakness Be Enough to Knock It Down? Avatar Associates

Posted by Michael O'Connor on 6/15/11 6:55 am

Money manager Avatar Associate's June commentary focuses on the recent downtrend in economic news. "There is now a fairly steady stream of economic data suggesting, similar to early summer last year that the global economy has slowed. What is interesting is that immediately prior to these developments there were very clear signals that the economy had entered into a self-sustaining expansion period. The main signs of this were a string of monthly employment increases of decent size, indications that temporary job assignments were being turned into permanent employment and a batch of corporate earnings and sales results that were particularly strong on the revenue side."

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A Little Inflation Can Really Add Up - Wells Fargo

Posted by Seton McAndrews on 6/6/11 12:40 pm

Chief Macro Strategist at Wells Fargo, Gary Thayer, looks at the history of inflation and the total increase in consumer prices per decade. "As consumers we know that prices of most goods and services go up over time. However, the rate of increase is not uniform. Prices sometimes go up fast. Other times they go up slow. Investors need to take inflation into account when anticipating both the performance and purchasing power of their portfolios over time."

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